"For me, ocean paddling in big canoes has been a life altering experience. The community of Gibsons and the people that paddle have provided such a positive energy in my life, I can't imagine time on the coast without my extended canoe family."

Ed Hill, Gibsons

Paddling big canoes on the ocean since 1997


"Paddling has become one of our main activities that we do as a couple. It is not just an awesome way to keep fit but has become a way to connect with our community in ways we never expected, both socially and culturally. The spirit of canoeing is amazing!

John and Rieta Lepore, Gibsons

Paddling outrigger canoes since 2000


Being in the canoes several times a week, and part of the last three Pulling Together journeys in the big canoes has been a huge

blessing in my life. It gives me the chance to sing the ocean songs and remember its teachings. I love swimming in the ocean all summer and canoeing has given me the joy of connecting all winter long by canoe.

Marlene Stephens

paddling big canoes and outrigger since 2011


Paddling for me has being a very positive experience a great way to get to know myself, stay in shape and meet good people.

Ed Schurman

10 years of great paddling.


"This year when we visited Maui, we connected with a local canoe club and were able to paddle with them on multiple occasions. We were happy to find that canoe culture in Maui was similar to that of the Sunshine Coast; deeply rooted in the traditions of the First Peoples, respectful of Mother Earth and welcoming to all."

Dave & Kate Barratt

Paddling big canoe and outriggers on the ocean since November 2013.


"I paddled single kayaks for 20 years before discovering outrigger canoes. Now, being out on the water as a group of paddlers with a common purpose has made my paddling experience richer and more meaningful, not to mention a lot of fun!"

Liz Wood, Gibsons

Paddling outrigger canoes since 2012


Shortly after moving to Gibson we became members of the Gibsons Paddle Club and were introduced to outrigger canoeing which led to “Pulling Together” canoe journeys, canoe races, weekly paddling year round and more, which has created an absolute love for the canoe, and has led to many adventures and an abundance of friends.

A real life changer, and one that (if I was a doctor”) I would say should be taken at least twice a week “with an ample amount of water”.

Richard and Mackenzie Morgan, Gibsons

Paddling since 2000


I write this with tears of joy and great emotion because canoe paddling has changed my life. The canoe culture here on the Sunshine Coast is more that just paddling. It is a way of life and a belief in something so very powerful. And in our community of Gibsons particularly, and the entire coast have embraced the canoe culture so completely that I believe we are actually living the reconciliation, not just giving it lip service. As demonstrated at the gathering at the GPAG after the paddle on Saturday. I leave an event like this one very emotionally stirred and hopeful and so very grateful to have canoeing and the people I share it with in my life.

Pat Watt,

Paddling on the ocean since 2000


As a minister in the United Church of Canada, I have been actively involved in the Truth and Reconciliation process seeking to help heal the harms done by Indian Residential Schools. I'm grateful for the opportunity to paddle with the Gibsons Paddle Club and participate in the Pulling Together Canoe Journeys of 2012 and 2013-- one of the best tangible experiences of reconciliation between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people that I have witnessed!

Rev. Janice Young

St. John's United Church, Sechelt, BC

Paddling big ocean going canoes since 2010


Big canoes have paddled me closer to the paths of our history and predecessors!

Our ancestors saw eagles and porpoises, paddled against wind and tide, found food,clothing and housing, and saw the landmarks we paddle today with respect, admiration and awe!

Jim Gibson

Paddling big ocean going canoes since 2004


For me paddling on the ocean in a big canoe has really meant pulling together and sharing experiences with the others making the same journey. The canoe has taken us places on and off the coast we otherwise could not have experienced.

Anneke Schootman

I have paddled in big canoes since 2005.