July 1st in Gibsons

Post date: Jul 5, 2013 1:55:13 AM

Thanks to a host of GPC volunteers, the paddle club has had another successful July 1st "take the public for a paddle day". In spite of the heat, we took 29 folks out for a scenic paddle around the harbour. It's great public relations for the club and quite a few of the new paddlers expressed interest in joining the club so hopefully we'll see them showing up at the drop in paddles in Gibsons and Sechelt. Many thanks to the following GPC members who all contributed to the success of the day - Diane Hill, Valerie Ward, Sandy Wightman, Trish Sayer, Manfred and Tammy Hartmann, John and Rieta Lepore, Kathleen Hydur, Pat Watt, Greig Soohen, Yanira Cuellar, Ingrid Sander and Jill Bradford. Your efforts made my job easy...

Norma Quinn

paddlers patiently waiting while new crew gets lessons
Yanira saying welcome back.
They're back and looking happy..
First customers!
just another batch of soon to be satisfied customers
and we're off....
Finally - some takers.
Where is everyone???