Voyager Canoe

Voyager Canoe - The Dolphin Spirit

The Gibsons Paddle Club is the proud owner of a Voyageur style canoe.

This fibreglass canoe of close to 11 meters is made by Clipper Canoe in Abbotsford. It's their "Langley" model and has proven popular as a traveling canoe all over North America.

Our canoe, we call "Dolphin Spirit", is located at our Gibsons Marina location.

It is there to be used by all Paddle Club members, but more than that this canoe can be trailered and taken on your own, Club approved, excursions and journeys. Seating up to 12 paddlers, this canoe has seen waters all up and down the lower west coast of Canada including Vancouver Island, not to mention journeys on some of British Columbia's major fresh water lakes.

"Dolphin Spirit" provides a unique paddling experience. Seated side by side and exploring all that British Columbia has to offer in terms of culture and diverse waterways, it is a very "social" craft, one that you have to try to appreciate.