Langley Canoe "Dolphin Spirit" at Pulling Together

Post date: Aug 24, 2013 2:04:16 AM

AWAKENING THE SPIRIT.....As we travel the waters of the Shuswap and Thompson River system our PULLING TOGETHER journey is working its usual magic. The theme for this year's journey is "AWAKENING THE SPIRIT". Our fleet is the biggest ever this year and the positive energy is palpable. Last night at the festivities in the arbour we saw real evidence of the spirit of the Shuswap awakening. Four canoe families, all from the Shuswap Nation, were called to the stage. All had purchased new canoes in anticipation of this year's journey. Young and old, each canoe family showed the same enthusiasm and pride as they were introduced. Their pride and energy seemed contagious. I think it safe to say this won't be a one time event for these people of the Shuswap. Years from now, as their canoe culture comes alive again, they'll look back at PULLING TOGETHER as being the positive event that awakened their spirit again.

Ed Hill.

The Dolphin Spirit participated this year in Pulling Together 2013. Here are some shots from a photographer by the name of Clive Bryson. In his own words: "When I saw the canoes approaching St. Ives across Shuswap Lake, the sight was very moving to me and I said to my son Jason, who was driving the boat, Jason, this is a spiritual experience, something like I felt when I saw the sockeye return to the Adam's river in 2010".