Gibsons Paddle Club

Welcome Back! Although the 2020 season is over, paddling big canoes is now open. Please read below how current members can return.

The Gibsons Paddle Club is a non-profit society powered by volunteers and members. Serving the lower Sunshine Coast, the Gibsons Paddle Club promotes the sport of outrigger canoeing, voyageur canoeing, competition, on the water fitness, and camaraderie.

Our membership includes paddlers of all ages and ability levels. Both recreation and competitive paddlers' needs are met with a wide range of canoes and equipment available. Protected and open waters areas can be found close to the canoe locations.

It has been a long year of no paddling, but finally we are in Phase 3! The Via Sport Organization is responsible for recreational sport “Back to Play” guidelines. We, along with CORA and most other sports organizations are using their Cohort Modeling to allow us back on the water. We will substitute the word COHORT for the word POD. To be clear, in our particular club, most social PODS also are paddling PODS, so ideally you will be familiar with who is going to be in your POD.

First and foremost, if you are not comfortable with any of the guidelines, it is your responsibility to take care of yourself and not return to paddling. Below is a summary of how we created our Canoe Use Policy during the Pandemic. This is being introduced just prior to our Winter Paddling restrictions, so members need to also be aware if they DO NOT wish to paddle during the winter season. We will be re-evaluating next year at our AGM as rules and regulations during the Pandemic keep changing.

      • Because we are closer than 2 meters within a canoe, we may only have a POD MAXIMUM 10 Paddlers.

      • PODS can be formed with 4, 6 or 10 (being an OC4 & OC6) MAXIMUM

      • · No substitute paddlers may join if a POD member is missing during a paddle.

      • · If a POD member wishes to change PODS, there is a 14 day waiting period before the change may happen.

      • · All members within a POD will be recorded as part of the canoe booking online showing the assigned “Captain”

      • · The Captain is responsible for booking the canoe as usual, collecting & submitting COVID Waivers (new form), and reporting if a member contracts COVID.

      • · Each POD will determine how the canoe will be moved, who will be assigned to each seat and any other concerns PRIOR to meeting at the compound.

      • · No congregation of a POD during the preparation or return of the canoe. Tasks are to be performed and the POD will be required to leave the compound.

      • · Only one POD may be within the compound, so scheduling needs to accommodate the 15 minutes or so for each POD to clear the compound.

      • · Cleaning of the canoes after each paddle is MANDATORY and must be recorded in the provided book located outside the shed

      • · Cleaning products are supplied with detailed instructions in the shed.

This is a summarized overview of the COVID policy. PLEASE READ AND PRINT THE POLICY ** Canoe Use During Pandemic Form ** AND IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS OR QUESTION, EMAIL .

NOTICE: TO BOOK A CANOE Please click on GPC Bookings. As a member of Gibsons Paddle Club, you will have access to the members only site where all club documents and the booking spreadsheet is kept. Please click on the appropriate day and complete the booking as indicated completing all fields. It is your responsibility to make sure you do not over book the canoes.

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Each year, we give an award to those who complete 100 club paddles. This year, we have added something extra! Club members who complete 101 paddles (with proof on personal calendar), are entitled to 1 free meal and drink at the 101 Brewhouse & Distillery, along with 10% off their personal meals and drinks for the remainder of the year.

If you have completed 101 paddles, please print off the form - click here -> " GPC 101 Award " , present it to a board member with your calendar. Present the signed form to staff at the 101 Brewhouse to collect your award! Congratulations! You will still receive your award at the end of the year for 100 paddles.